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• Contemporary New York artist: presenting inexpensive oil paintings to those who enjoy fine art, but not at prices geared towards the well-lined purse.

• Self-taught: inspiration from Stone Age Art through Contemporary Art.

• Self-study of art: 1972-1975, including 1½ years in Europe.

• Drawing from models: 1975-1978, Berkeley, CA.

• Painting/drawing: 1978-present, New York City and Upstate New York.

• Evolution of my painting style: from expressionistic figuration, progressing to fauve abstraction.

• Impetus in my work: color, movement, keeping each painting alive, expressive freedom.

• Major painting influences: Chaim Soutine, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Rex Ashlock, Vincent van Gogh, Mark Rothko, Georges Roualt, Max Beckmann, Pierre Bonnard, Claude Monet (late work).

• Gallery affiliation: none.

• Awards, honors, acclaim: none—none sought.

• See the painting titles to my work, provided by my brother Ron, a fan of contemporary art.


• To make a purchase: In the paintings gallery, click the PayPal button below the large image of the painting you wish to purchase. PayPal is a secure website for payment and no account is needed.

• Price per painting: $350.

• Free shipping within the U.S. via Parcel Post or UPS. For shipping outside of the U.S. contact

• For sales within the state of New York, 8% sales tax ($28 per painting) will be added to the price by PayPal.

• All paintings are the originals and are oil on canvas with minor amounts of mixed media.

• The dimensions of the paintings (shown as height x width) are in inches and are approximate within ½ inch.

• Paintings are unmounted, with approximately a 2-inch border maintained on all sides for mounting purposes. Paintings are shipped rolled.

• Paintings are returnable for a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days after delivery. If returned, paintings must be in original condition and as originally packaged (ensure that the painting is rolled around its tube support with the painted surface facing outwards from the tube support—this prevents damaging compression of the paint). The cost of return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.

• I am selling my artwork for the pleasure of those who cannot afford market/gallery prices. “Investor-collectors” are "not" welcome to buy my work. I rebuff undue profiting from the labor of others.

• I retain the copyright to my artwork.


• Bill Terpening: 287 Bone Hollow Road, Accord, NY, 12404; 845-687-4068.


The following links are to sites with artwork by and information about some of the modern artists that have influenced my painting.

• Chaim Soutine—each stroke of paint is alive; impassioned handling of paint. (bio) (479 paintings)

• Willem de Kooning—influenced by Soutine; fluid, expressive use of paint and space.

• Franz Kline—seemingly simple but strongly monumental work.

• Rex Ashlock—moving distortion of space; sensitive colorist.

• Mark Rothko—vibrating, breathing, emotive color; monumental work. (click "works by" here or at the bottom of their webpage to see 1048 images)

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