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These titles for my paintings are provided by my brother Ron—novelist, professor emeritus of Italian Studies, and fan of contemporary art. (You can see his novels at Click on any title below to see that painting.

003   Jailbreak to the World of Green
004   Terpsichore at the Barre
005   Downtown Sabato Notte
006   Anteater with Gas Mask Sniffs Grill-Blackened Ribs
007   Il Toro con l’Occhio di Blu / Bull with Blue Eye
008   Harlequin’s Flute
009   Flight of the Drunken Cricket
012   Factory Playing Fetch and Burn
013   Left Turn at Helios and Straight to Hell
016   Miss Kitty Struts Her Stuff
017   The Antifascist’s Last Day at Sremska Mitrovica
018   Salome’s Dance
021   The Vultures of Ublick
023   The Gallows
024   The Remorse of Lucifer
025   Il Giudice
026   The Parrot of Lisbon
027   The Minotaur Awaits
031   Europa and the Bull
032   The Descant Recants
034   The Kiss
035   Shipwreck at Rocky Shoals
043   Ubi Sunt? / Where Are They Now?
048   After the Fall
049   The Smorgasbord of Oden
055   The Gods of Love and Fertility
061   Thor’s Hammer
063   Through the Door to Dreams of Gold
064   Endgame, or The Suicide
066   Nightfall on the Isle of Glass
067   Homage to Gustav Klimt
068   Letter to Rothko
071   Panic at Midday, or The Hour of Pan
079   At the Corner of Oracle and Dream
081   The Gymnast
088   The Creation
091   The Song of the Shark
109   Gastonbury Pub
110   Il Nudo Sdraiato / Reclining Nude
114   The Dislocation of Logic
120   The Revelation of Mr. Enigma
124   Voyeur, or The Profane Intruder
129   The Other Side of Nowhere
132   The Madness of Tasso, or In the Hospital of Sant’Anna
140   Cry of the Bird of War
145   Historical Fractures
148   Jealousy Wipes the Slate Clean
155   Infatuation
160   Springtime
166   Vieto L’Ingresso / Entry Prohibited
176   The Spirit of Ignorance
183   Habemus Papam
191   The Abbatoir
194   The Transit of Mars
225   Conception
231   The Crossing at Lethe
235   The Dream of the Dragonfly
236   At Table with the Laughing Hyena
240   The Artist’s Self-Portrait
248   Eight Ball in the Corner Pocket
255   The Sage
258   Thus Spake Zarathustra
259   The Wisdom Time Forgot
267   Yggdrasil After the Fall
277   Nude Juggling at the Carousel
299   The Die Is Cast
300   Escape from Oxbow Canyon
307   Promenade at Carnival
317   The Vision of Constantine
319   Slightly Suggestive
320   Crucifixion of the Rebel Slaves of Spartacus
324   The Transgression of Colette
327   Goodbye to All of That
340   Expectation
343   Sodom and Gomorrah
345   The Cosmic Flux
346   The Politician
347   Snow Trap with Laughing Dog
365   The Dragon’s Lair
376   Garden at Giverny
381   The Lakota Warrior Rides to Battle
382   The Maid’s Daydream
391   Our Sort of Why, or Divine Indifference
395   Chief Chumani Counts Coup
402   The Agony of Nostalgia
409   The Cabaret of Paris Olympia, or Les Filles de Joie
423   The Little Horned Demon Brandishes His Axe
426   The Bishop's Dream
432   Hello Soutine
436   Still Life with Nude
440   Revolt of the Thames
442   Danseuse au Moulin Rouge
447   Arthur Rimbaud on the Boulevard Saint-Germain
459   The Apotheosis of the Olive
467   Exultation of the Water Nymph
472   Franz Visits Willem
474   Next Wednesday at 6:15, or Post-Coital Rest
477   The Flight of Daedalus
479   Patriotic Convention
495   Nighttime in the Gran Seraglio
502   The Jousting Knight
506   The Witch’s Cornucopia
510   Dynamic Hieroglyph of Fate
515   Last Rage of the Minotaur
516   The Artist’s Mind Envisions Spring
521   The Harlot’s Scream
526   Cosmic Speculation
541   Abstract Notion of Joy

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